Residential Treatment & Aftercare Pricing

We provide a service for clients aged 18–65 years, with the rates* as stated below:

Residential treatment for long term rehabilitation

We’re proud of the results our clients achieve over a short space of time

Local Authorities

  • If you are a prospective client and would like more information about the funding options that are available to you, then please discuss these with the drug and alcohol service teams under your local authority.

Self-Funding Clients

  • If you recognise that you have an addiction problem and are considering taking the next step in your recovery at Chandos, then please do get in touch with us,

Disability Access

Chandos has disabled access and can accommodate up to two people with disabilities.


Qualified & Registered

Chandos is a CQC Approved and Registered Provider of Addiction Treatment and Care.

Community Interest Company

We’re a social enterprise that want to use our profits and assets for the public good.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our clients do the talking!

“A few words don’t do justice to the life changes I have made, and benefits I continue to enjoy since leaving Chandos House, some 7 years ago. Thanks to James Dickinson’s deft mind & hand, encouragement & belief in me when I didn’t believe in myself, I was able to overcome the mental obstacles that plagued me and had kept me unhappy and unwell for many years. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again….Chandos reaches the parts others haven’t even heard of. “

Patrick F

Former Chandos Resident

“For the first time in my life I stopped fighting treatment and in Chandos’ unique safe environment, I became teachable. ‘Safe’ does not mean unchallenging, and slowly I learned (amongst other men) how to nurture the Nick that had values, integrity and a love of life. I did this by taking my abstinence and my physical health seriously and myself less so. I joined in physical exercise participated in creative arts and worked at my spiritual awareness through mindful meditation. I was self-funding and with the help of staff, I budgeted my way carefully through an extended treatment at Chandos, and at 52 year of age I took responsibility for my recovery and I got a life.”

Nick S

Former Chandos Resident

“The beauty of Aftercare is that the support I received during my treatment is still there, and it’s FREE for as long as I feel I need it. This place is a lifeline to many and the lifeblood of an amazing community of men; I for one will always endeavour to keep coming back.”

Pete S

Former Chandos Resident

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Chandos House rehab?
Chandos House Treatment for Addiction, Bristol

Our goal is to help people achieve an alcohol and drug-free lifestyle
Chandos is an all-male treatment facility focused on helping those who are committed to their recovery from substance misuse. We offer a residential treatment programme and aftercare package which is second to none.

We provide active therapeutic intervention through counselling and
group work in a supportive and semi-structured environment, with emphasis on health promotion and emotional well-being.

Our approach is holistic, meaning we care for and consider the whole person: mind, body, spirit, emotions and social factors, and not just the symptoms of the disease.

We strive to ensure that the care and treatment provided is of the highest quality.

Does Chandos provide accommodation?
Chandos is a 15-bed house, arranged in triple, double and single rooms, 3 have ensuite shower and toilet facilities. Bed linen is provided.
Communal spaces include the kitchen/dining room, living room, group room and a sheltered courtyard garden with smoking area.
How do I get referred?

Worried about yourself, a friend/relative, an employee or a client/patient?
Talk to us confidentially on 0117 924 3071 or you may complete an online self-referral form, or be referred by a friend or relative, employer or GP.

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