Help Support Chandos House!

Chandos House is a residential addiction treatment facility supporting men who’ve experienced psychological trauma in recovering from addiction, and in becoming positive members of society.

Chandos House has been providing its service for 35 years, witnessing the effectiveness of this compassionate and connected approach, 86% of men complete treatment, 97% report experiencing in improved sense of psychological and emotional well being. We would like to be able to begin to bring our own methods within a scientific framework by better recording and analysing our data and conduct our own research, so that we can become influencers and change attitudes and policies surrounding addiction in the UK.

Our Local Authority Substance Misuse budget has been reduced by on third in the last 2 years and Chandos house is the last remaining residential Rehabilitation service in Bristol. This is why we are looking for assistance in taking us into the next year, so that we can consolidate our reconstitution, fundraising strategy and begin to conduct our own research in order to become viewed as a key service which will actually save money for the public purse in the long run.

There are several things we need help with currently, here are a few:

Treatment for a Bristolian man (3 months) - £11, 085
We would like to ensure that our cutting edge and exemplary service is available to the most vulnerable and at risk members of our local Bristol community, regardless of whether or not our local council are able to pay. £11,085 to provide 3 months treatment for one man, this is around £850 per week and includes beds, therapies, all facilities and everything he needs in order to make the deep changes within himself to turn his life around.

Food Budget: - £30,000 per year
Meals times are an absolutely key part of Chandos Treatment, as you and John witnessed, our dinner table is always full. We feed between 17 and 23 people every day. Meals cost around £10 per person per day. Nutrition is an essential part of health and recovery, our meals are always balanced, healthy and home cooked. Residents are taught nutrition and cooking skills. Eating and cooking together are essential to a sense of belonging and contributing, many Chandos Brothers continue to do so beyond ending treatment.

Please consider making a donation to help us continue our work at Chandos House.