What we do:

‘Chandos Brothers – Belong, Understand, Contribute’

This is what makes us effective, unique and why our goal is to expand and influence attitudes and approaches to recovery nationally.

1, A sense of belonging: Men at Chandos refer to themselves as ‘Chandos brothers.’ This expresses a key sentiment at the heart of what we do. We understand that one of the reasons people become addicted is because they have become isolated and they feel that their lives have become meaningless. Being a ‘Chandos brother’ means that, often for the first time, men become part of something as opposed to feeling ostracized and demonized. This in turn restores a sense of self-worth, confidence and brings a sense of purpose to their lives. It is upon this essential foundation that men can begin to feel that they can be valued by their families and community, and generate the confidence to become positive contributors.

2, Understanding: At Chandos we understand that a person becomes addicted as a last resort. All of the men we work with have experienced Developmental Trauma (traumatic experiences during childhood such as emotional, sexual abuse, neglect) most have PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) symptoms, some as a result of experiencing trauma as adults such as war and violence. A person who is experiencing PTSD symptoms believes that they are in danger and will do anything to escape from this. Drug use is a solution, a way to escape from situations and feelings which are unbearable. Chandos House provides men with a secure container in which men come to understand themselves, their lives, and their addictions. They are given support by our team of accredited therapists and addiction specialists in order to deal with their feelings and memories in a safe and productive way.