Drug-related deaths in the UK are rising each year, but council spending on rehab centres has been slashed by up to 58%, HuffPost reveals today. As part of our ‘Austerity Bites’ series this week, we cover the closure of Chandos House in Bristol following “swingeing...

Deaths Rise As Two-Thirds Of Local Authorities Cut Spending On Drug And Alcohol Rehab

Austerity Bites: Councils reduce funding for residential treatment by as much as 58%. By Nicola Slawson. Original article posted by The Huffington Post click to read. Spending on residential drug and alcohol treatment is being “significantly de-prioritised” by local...

‘We’ve Hit Rock Bottom’: Bristol’s Last Residential Drug Rehab Centre To Close Its Doors

As Chandos House faces the end, a former resident reflects on how it saved his life. By Nicola Slawson Julian Maddern is back in Bristol for a visit, reminiscing about the city where he finally got clean after 32 years of being an alcoholic and a drug addict. He says...

Bristol’s last residential rehab centre Chandos House facing closure after severe funding cuts

It has saved hundreds of lives over the last 35 years, but it could close with funding slashed by Government and the local authority “They saved my life. I won’t be here without them.” That is the general consensus of the Chandos brothers - the men who have come...

Rehab centre supported by Russell Brand set to close

A fundraising campaign supported by Will Self and Russell Brand has failed to save a drug and alcohol rehab centre for men with addiction. Chandos House in Bristol did not raise the £100,000 needed to "stay open and alive", director James Dickinson said. He said the...

Drugs rehab Chandos House to close down

Fundraising efforts backed by numerous celebrities have failed to keep the rehab centre open. Chandos House, the last residential drugs rehab in Bristol, has announced that it will close after 35 years. The Redland rehab centre has been fundraising recently to stay...

Bristol’s last residential rehab centre Chandos House to close after funding bid fails

Bristol’s last residential rehabilitation centre will close after a ‘crisis appeal’ failed to raise enough funds. Chandos House in Redland has helped hundreds of men battling addiction and trauma during the past 35 years. Earlier this year, the treatment centre...

Comedian Russell Brand shows support for Bristol’s Chandos House with heartfelt plea

The clinic is under threat due to funding cuts Earlier this month it was reported the last remaining residential rehab centre in Bristol is facing closure due to severe funding cuts. Chandos House in Redland could shut its doors before the end of the year unless it...

Will Self Interview: Rehab and Bristol’s “nasty” drug problem

After overcoming his own addiction, writer Will Self is back in rehab, this time to help keep it open. Original article posted by The Bristol Cable click to read. By Matty Edwards on 17th August, 2018. Photo: Chris Close "At a spiritual level it’s a disaster, it’s...

Chandos House: Stories of recovery from Bristol’s last drugs rehab

Chandos House is threatened by closure. Former residents there speak out about how treatment got them clean. "I was literally near death. I was skinny, I couldn't work, I couldn't function without having a drink inside me." Just 18 months later Dave Hill gave up...

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