Treatment Plan

The New Chandos Programme

After very successful trials Chandos centre for men, has now established its cutting edge ‘hit the deck running’ course of treatment . This new, more focused and strategic treatment package admits clients either during or immediately after detox. In the true spirit that defines Chandos we will continue to provide free pre and post treatment support for as long as it is required.

“Hit the Deck Running”

In order to implement the New Programme we have increased the active treatment sessions, scheduling twice weekly 1-2-1 sessions for the first four weeks and weekly thereafter, and thrice daily groups tapering off from week 8 as part of discharge planning and preparation

All clients on completion of their welcome (7 days post detox) automatically become members of Bannatyne’s Health Club for 6 months. Bannatynes website This enables them to maintain their on-going self-care in parallel with their post treatment support at Chandos.

All clients are encouraged to attend fellowship or SMART recovery meetings, as they provide ongoing support in the community.


On arrival at Chandos a new resident is welcomed, given a course handbook and the following procedures are completed:

  1. A member of staff will meet with the new resident on the day of arrival
  2. The resident will be assigned and introduced to a peer of longer standing (a mentor) who will assist during the initial orientation process

First Week

During the first 4 weeks of their stay, residents will work with their keyworker on an individual Treatment Plan, identifying problem areas, setting goals and discussing methods of achieving objectives.

As an aid towards a self-reviewing process, residents complete a daily Significant Event form (S.E.) which assists in the identification of feelings, events, problems and growth areas. S.E. forms are shared in the daily morning meeting.

Treatment Aims

The aims of the program offered at Chandos are to ensure:

  1. That residents gain knowledge and understanding of the condition of addiction.
  2. That residents become aware of how the condition has manifested itself in their lives.
  3. That residents experience abstinence from mood-altering chemicals, including alcohol, as a reality.
  4. That residents learn how to relate, communicate and participate with others within the community in order to make and build new and healthy relationships.
  5. That residents are able to take greater personal responsibility for themselves and their recovery.
  6. That residents are able to work on their individual life plans.
  7. That residents begin to combat the social disablement of addiction by learning practical domestic skills (healthcare, financial management) and personal exploration, balanced with constructive recreation and relaxation.
  8. That residents are able to consolidate the changes made in their lives.

If the fundamental goal of rehabilitation is to help people to find satisfaction in living with others instead of addictions that supplement low self esteem such as drugs, alcohol, relationships, sex, rage, violence, gambling, work etc. We the helpers must support clients in giving up their need for omnipotence and control.

This is best achieved via sustained exposure to a new experience of a peer group identity, where the goal is stopping such behaviours and keeping them stopped, where the therapeutic value of support and identification of a fellow sufferer is unparalleled.

The aims of the programme will be achieved through group therapy, 1:1 keyworking, a range of complimentary therapies, lectures, workshops, various written assignments and participation in therapeutic duties and house-based activities. Continuous Individual Assessment is made throughout a resident’s stay at Chandos, in which he takes an active part.

Move on Accommodation

Chandos House has move on accommodation, located in the Horfield area of Bristol.

This is an all male, six bedded shared accommodation, and provides residents with safe supported housing for a period of up to two years. Tenants are offered a weekly aftercare group at Chandos and one to one support as required, together with monthly house meetings.

We have a protocol in place with Bristol City Council housing department whereby all tenants at this address are prioritised in accordance with Bristol City’s priority housing policy. This ensures that tenants have access to qualitative, and appropriately accredited independent accommodation, when they have completed their time in supported housing